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Take Me Home: The Music of John Denver Starring Jim Curry - Sunday, November 20, 2011 3:00 p.m.Matinee
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Give thanks for the music of John Denver.

Celebrate the music of John Denver with Take Me Home: The Music Of John Denver Starring Jim Curry at Rabobank Theater.

The music of the late John Denver is like an old friend, outlasting trends and standing the test of time. Join acclaimed performer Jim Curry for this tribute to the music of one of the most beloved singer/songwriters ever to grace the stage.

Pre-concert music will be performed by the Taft Union High School Jazz Band directed by Ms. Amanda Posey. The band members have recently returned from a tour of Washington, D.C. The students performed concerts at the WWII Memorial and at the Lincoln Memorial.

Tribute artist Jim Curry, whose voice was heard in the CBS-TV movie Take Me Home: The John Denver Story, has performed Denver’s music in sold out shows throughout the country and has emerged as today’s top performer of Denver’s vast legacy of multi-platinum hits.

Jim’s uncanny ability to mirror John’s voice and clean-cut look takes you back to the time when "Rocky Mountain High" "Sunshine" "Calypso" and "Annie’s Song" topped the charts, and his popular music had the heartfelt message of caring for the earth and caring for each other. 

The songs are timeless. The resemblance is remarkable. The message, still relevant.

With multi-platinum hits like “Rocky Mountain High,” “Annie’s Song” and “Calypso,” John Denver captured a worldwide audience through his songs of care and concern. Today his music comes to life though Jim Curry’s ultimate tribute. His is the first and only full-length John Denver tribute in Las Vegas, and his shows throughout North America and on the Holland America Cruise Line are testament to John Denver’s lasting appeal.

Jim’s powerful performances (accompanied by guitar/mandolin, flute, keyboard, bass and drums) bring John Denver’s greatest songs and feelings to life, blending the images of our natural earth with a love for each other. With his compelling voice and heartfelt words, Jim brings a welcome rebirth to the enduring music of America’s troubadour.

Preview selections by Jim Curry at CD Baby.

The untimely death of John Denver in 1997 was a tragedy that was felt the world over. Such a void in the musical world left John's ardent fans demanding that his music survive. CBS television responded by producing a made for TV movie: "Take Me Home: the John Denver Story," in which Jim Curry's voice was selected as the voice of John Denver.

Jim Curry has now created the ultimate tribute experience, emerging as the top performer of John Denver's music today. Often performing with John Denver's former band members, Jim Curry's tribute is the first and only full-length John Denver tribute to headline in Las Vegas and has been celebrated nationally and internationally.

To refresh your memory of the wonderful songs identified with John Denver, check out this list some of the biggest hits. There will be others, but we do not want to rob you of the delightful discovery of unexpected songs, nor of the spontaneity great musicians bring to a concert. You will feel this kindred spirit. It is why they do what they do. Rather than follow a set program keep your focus on what is happening on stage. Relax and enjoy each song.

Annie's Song

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Grandma's Feather Bed

Back Home Again

Thank God I'm a Country Boy

Fly Away


Sunshine on My Shoulders

Take Me Home, Country Roads


Welcome to the Rabobank Theater  Take Me Home: The Music of John Denver Starring Jim Curry for a delightful pre-Thanksgiving Sunday afternoon of  the music of John Denver.



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